acquisition ile ilgili cümleler

Language acquisition requires creativity. <----> Dil edinmek yaratıcılık gerektirir.

This is the latest acquisition to my library. <----> Bu benim kütüphaneme olan en son katılımdır.

He is a valuable acquisition to our company.

Eldad Interference from your mother tongue is always a factor in the acquisition of a second language.

Exposure to a foreign language at an early age can help in the acquisition of that language later on in life.


Douglas Brown has noted that many variables are involved in the second language acquisition process.

Psychologists make inferences about the process of learning and the acquisition of knowledge by observing behavior, and noting how behavior changes over time.

inferior The acquisition reflects a reversal of fortunes for big-box retailers.

Growth through acquisition is definitely something he knows firsthand.

The acquisition will focus Lockheed primarily on aerospace and defense.

Stewart’s latest acquisition is the first racing series he owns outright.

Vivaldi said no concrete acquisition plans were on his desk at the moment.

But after the acquisition announced Friday, their options just got narrower.

The acquisition could help the iconic tire brand gain more traction in Asia.

The acquisition will be financed from the proceeds of an issue of new equity.

Shire’s acquisition of the company is expected to close in the first quarter.

In acquisition, a company purchases another company to expand its operations.

Group Health announced the acquisition on Friday, 57 days before the meeting.

$1.9 billion: See’s Candy’s cumulative pre-tax earnings since its acquisition.

It will most likely stave off a lot of merger and acquisition activity as well.

Nokia’s Here brand emerged out of its acquisition of Navteq for $8.1bn in 2008.

When there’s nothing cheap you have to have something to justify an acquisition.

It follows the multinational’s acquisition of brand Tequila Don Julio last week.

Sanders said a recent city report pegged land acquisition costs at $7.8 million.

The acquisition is projected to complete in three to six months’ time, it added.

That brought the price down to just under $70 by the time the acquisition closed.

New York announced the acquisition of Adam Friday afternoon through social media.

The acquisition of Diedrich gives Peet’s access to another, growing niche market.

We congratulate The Winebow Group on the acquisition of our company, said Bausch.

Meanwhile, SAP’s acquisition of Sybase in 2010 made it a key supplier to the NSA.

The acquisition reflects the reversal of fortunes for these two big box retailers.

Pfizer has said it expects to complete the acquisition before the end of this year.

For example, among today’s key customer acquisition concerns is speed to activation.

This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Nadella inherited this headache, now he is trying to make the best of a bad acquisition.

Earlier this week, HTC quashed speculation surrounding its potential acquisition by Asus.

Media moguls John Malone and Barry Diller haven’t been afraid to grow through acquisition.

That he will not be asked about the sources of his capital and methods of its acquisition.

An acquisition would give either buyer the opportunity to expand their presence in Germany.

“This acquisition is aimed at enabling Verizon to maximize its revenues from mobile video.”

Prats had driven BPA’s expansion into Spain, through its acquisition of Banco Madrid, in 2011.

Having a customer-acquisition plan is one of the things I see many food trucks not do, he says.

If you’ll recall, it already released the familiar-looking N1 tablet in China post-acquisition.

Facebook’s acquisition definitely made it a lot easier to talk to people about VR, Krantz said.

The two primary complaints involved land acquisition and water runoff from the proposed pathway.

The company also launched a $17.5 billion six-tranche bond to finance its acquisition of DirecTV.

But as flops like Ciro Immobile and Henrikh Mikhitaryan show, not every new acquisition pans out.

The entire talent acquisition and staffing market worldwide is worth about $94 billion, she said.

Ben Zobrist, another mid-season acquisition by Kansas City, said Cueto was beguiling on the mound.

Hopefully, this push toward sustainability will not be thrown off course by the acquisition process.

The sticking point is apparently the price of the acquisition and how the assets will be structured.

Low interest rates and recovering global economies have helped push acquisition volumes to a record.

177100 Credico UK specialise in customer acquisition to help clients increase their customer loyalty.

DeLange said the next step in the process is for St. Luke’s Health System’s acquisition to be undone.

acquisition of a servitude may also occur, in terms of the Prescription Act, by acquisitive prescription.

The acquisition also includes Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review aggregator .

Fourteen people were killed in various agitations against land acquisition in western UP in Aligarh, Mathura and Greater Noida.

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