actively ile ilgili cümleler

Afilias will continue to actively participate in the IETF and will stay abreast of any updates to the EPP standards.

UNICEF actively promotes quality education for children around the world.

When studying for a test, it is important to review actively, not passively.

The government is actively pursuing a private-public partnership to develop the new extension to the subway system.

The software program allows you to work interactively, inserting the vocabulary into sentences in context.

interfere Despite the fact that we are not consciously aware of the external world during sleep, our minds continue to actively process information.

Despite the fact that we are no longer consciously aware of the external world during sleep, our minds continue to actively process information.

If you don’t work actively on reducing your accent, your pronunciation problems may fossilize, which could make it almost impossible to improve.

The issues actively eroding America are more internal than external.

He says: “They are actively being ablated away before our very eyes.

An eyewitness tells ET the two actively helped Maceo decorate a pumpkin.

actively allow yourself to shine, and use all you have at your disposal.

Become actively involved with property owners in the remediation approach.

Schuett’s lawyers say the Supreme Court ruling should apply retroactively.

In contrast, ISIS is actively engaged in building those social structures.

Samsung actively participated during the standard setting process, it said.

Germany, it said, was among only few nations actively combating corruption.

Second, back in 2012, 1 billion users visited Facebook actively each month.

Re-evaluate what you need and aim to only pay for services you actively use.

The people who are actively paying for music are more sophisticated, he said.

136570 But the biggest worry is the button will actively foster negativity.”””

Customers needed to actively choose to back up their tax returns to the cloud.

“If you scan that you get the ability to put the device together interactively.

Solar Innovations, Inc. is actively recruiting for the following open positions.

Kasich’s team is now actively working to make sure that Trump isn’t the nominee.

She was a huge supporter and actively involved in Jackson County and Georgia 4-H.

“In our study, however, few if any patients were actively using systemic steroids.

To develop our situational awareness, we must begin actively looking for intruders.

Bush announced in mid-December that he was “actively” exploring a presidential run.

An arbitrator awarded Fredericton firefighters pay increases retroactively to 2011.

And if that doesn’t work, boards will start trying to actively leave the association.”

Those biases fuel the flame that actively sets fire to aspirations of racial equality.

The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively looking for a job.

Priced by the hour, subscribers are only billed when actively using the line of service.

Kendall has said previously that Clinton is “actively cooperating” with the FBI inquiry.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC is the only company actively exploring off Alaska’s northern costs.

That way, you don’t even have to be actively using your computer to get a weather update.

This is something schools must actively work to combat, says Steve Arkin, Jason’s father.

Still, Facebook’s data suggests the US is still most actively targeting its users and data.

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We are invested in Glencore and are actively looking to increase our exposure to the sector.

Given this circumstances, the Crimean shuttles actively switched to large non-resort cities.

We have several thousand employees who are actively contributing to knowledge management now.

It was the most actively traded stock on the FTSE 100, with 14 million shares changing hands.

414719 It’s not that difficult to retroactively protect all those things you have ever posted.

Did you see any flexibility in that-in the U.S. looking more actively for a negotiated outcome?

More than a dozen Republicans are believed to be actively considering a run for the White House.

Leaders attending the U.N. Summit are actively trying to find a formula acceptable to all sides.

Just remember that the majority of such programs require you to actively enroll, advises Murphy.

Following these arrests, we are actively supporting an enhanced police presence in West Harlem.”

378910 I participate actively in those decisions that tell where we’re going to fly,”” she says.”

ISIS shares news, distributes propaganda and actively recruits soldiers on social media networks.

The National Retail Federation is one of the groups actively arguing against a minimum wage hike.

According to Frazier, the members of this coalition will be actively working to get Cruz elected.

If you don’t file and suspend, you can collect a maximum of six months of benefits retroactively.

Gay men actively supporting feminism shouldn’t be a game-changing concept — it should be a given.

I actively curate a list of people and companies to follow that inspire me and edit it frequently.

897892 We are actively adjusting to the attack on our business and members’ privacy by criminals.”

Instead, they’re actively listening, fully focused on understanding the other person’s perspective.

Carribean American writer Audre Lorde was actively involved in the gay culture of Greenwich Village.

Red River College has among the first HFC-free refrigerant beverage vending machines actively in use.

“We are acting proactively with trade promotion authority and TPP because other countries are acting.

“This region is a growing market, we are actively working on contracts,” he said without elaborating.

As individuals, we must be willing to work actively in order to create that atmosphere of acceptance.

China and Russia are also known to be actively building and testing hypersonic vehicles, Endsley said.

826204 They are responding to the weakness in their business far more proactively than RadioShack did.

The Hindu Mahasabha did not actively support agitations against British rule in India.

Laura remained actively involved with her alma mater throughout her life.

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