adequacy ile ilgili cümleler

Local parents are concerned over the adequacy of the school’s program for children with special needs.

The adequacy of local nutrient supplies is evaluated.

In the long term dietary adequacy is important.

The rule sets specific standards for network adequacy .

These liabilities reflect management’s judgment regarding overall adequacy .

Capital adequacy policy applies to equity and capital assets.

It does not address adequacy of compensation.

Here, adequacy raises the only serious issues.

Monitoring results and assessing the adequacy of existing plans are critical.

In particular it monitors each firm’s conduct and capital adequacy .

One should determine the adequacy of availability of resources.

Location and adequacy of origin and destination landing zones.

Discuss the adequacy of assemblies as representative institutions.

Assessment of effectiveness and adequacy of existing capacity.

The latest capital adequacy framework is commonly known as Basel III.

All members will have met stringent capital adequacy requirements before being accepted.

LANL had performed a system adequacy analysis in 2008.

Study the adequacy and effectiveness of accountability arrangements; 3.

They express themselves as superior because they lack feelings of adequacy .

Review and evaluate existing procedures for their adequacy in protecting property.

These omissions are fatal to the constitutional adequacy of the procedures.

How will the adequacy of community care funding be monitored?

A prime example would be the imposition of capital adequacy requirements.

Review the adequacy and suitability of accommodation for trainee nurses.

Measurement Criteria: Review policies to ensure adequacy .

Other critics question the adequacy of panentheism.

adequacy of cover is critical for nesting.

The criteria of adequacy differs among various judges depending on their preferences.

The adequacy of this approach has never been fully explored, however.

The BIS’s main role is in setting capital adequacy requirements.

The soundness, adequacy and application of internal controls.

It is not about excellence, but about adequacy .

The adequacy of the support materials for assessors can be assessed.

But what of its adequacy as an explanation?

adequacy of treatment also varied by species.

The controls should be re-assessed for adequacy prior to task commencement.

The adequacy of such programmes can be ensured by government supervisory authorities.

The supply of games in your inventories is probably far from adequacy .

Its adequacy could be verified by the detailed measurement residuals.

Accuracy and adequacy of information disclosed to the acquirer.

Review the labels or titles, when specified, for adequacy .

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