governor ile ilgili cümleler

The governor was furious. — Vali öfkeliydi.

Will you run for governor? — Valilik için yarışacak mısın?

Will you run for governor? — Valilik için adaylığını koyacak mısın?

I want to run for governor. — Ben vali için çalışmak istiyorum.

Tom is running for governor. — Tom valilik için yarışıyor.

You should run for governor. — Valilik için aday olmalısın.

He served as governor of Ohio. — O, Ohio valisi olarak görev yaptı.

We hope the governor signs it. — Umarız vali onu imzalar.

The governor supports the bill. — Vali tasarıyı destekliyor.

Tom isn’t running for governor. — Tom valilik için yarışmıyor.

Tom was pardoned by the governor. — Tom vali tarafından bağışlandı.

He ran for governor of California. — Kaliforniya valiliğine adaylığını koydu.

The governor abused his authority. — Bu vali, yetkisini kötüye kullandı.

The governor of Texas was furious. — Teksas valisi kızgındı.

Tom was appointed by the governor. — Tom vali tarafından atandı.

The governor pardoned the criminal. — Vali suçluyu affetti.

Rockefeller was governor of New York. — Rockefeller New York’un valisiydi.

The governor ordered an investigation. — Vali bir soruşturma emretti.

Tom Jackson wasn’t reelected governor. — Tom Jackson tekrar vali seçilmedi.

In 1962, he ran for governor, and lost. — 1962 de, valiliğe adaylığını koydu, ve kaybetti.

He was elected governor of Texas in 1994. — 1944 yılında Teksas valisi seçildi.

Tom’s pardon was granted by the governor. — Tom’un affedilmesi vali tarafından onaylandı.

The prisoner was pardoned by the governor. — Mahkûm vali tarafından affedildi.

Everybody wished he had been elected governor. — Herkes vali seçilmiş olmayı diledi.

The new governor has never held office before. — Yeni vali daha önce hiç göreve gelmedi.

He promised himself he would again be governor. — O tekrar vali olacağını kendisine söz verdi.

The governor took the money out of a slush fund. — Vali, örtülü ödenekteki parayı aldı.

The governor cut the tape and opened the new bridge. — Vali bandı kesti ve yeni köprü açıldı.

The governor’s speech was published in the magazine. — Valinin konuşması dergide yayınlandı.

The governor was surprised by the commission’s response. — Vali komisyonun cevabıyla şaşırmıştı.

The governor decided to provide assistance for the victims. — Vali mağdurlara yardım sağlamaya karar verdi.

He said that he would be elected and that he would become governor. — O seçileceğini ve vali olacağını söyledi.

I want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the governor. — Ben vali ile konuşma fırsatından yararlanmak istiyorum.

Because of the high fire risk, the governor of California issued a statewide campfire ban. — Yüksek yangın riski nedeniyle Kaliforniya valisi eyalet çapında kamp ateşi yasağı yayınladı.

The governor set the prisoners free.

He rose from day laborer to governor.

He is the governor’s longtime companion.

The governor’s speech was aimed at the press.

The governor invested him with full authority.

The governor appeared on TV in person.

adjustingThe governor took the money out of a slush fund.

He ran for Governor of the state four years ago.

He dared to visit the governor of New York State.

His term of office as governor expires next January.

The governor’s speech was published in the magazine.

The governor cut the tape and opened the new bridge.

The governor was surprised by the commission’s response.

The governor decided to provide assistance for the victiMs. The governor currently has an approval rating of almost 60%.

The governor compromised on the subject to a certain degree.

The governor is capable of handling his current difficulties.

The governor made a few concluding remarks, and left the room.

The governor will be giving an interview right after the news.

I knew that he was trying to use that money to become governor.

There seems to be widespread discontent with the current governor.

He said that he would be elected and that he would become governor.

The new governor vowed to restore the public’s trust in government.

A government spokesman said the governor had no comment at this time.

Recent scandals have seriously eroded public support for the governor.

The governor has once again defied his critics by winning another term.

The governor scolded the press for its criticism of the new legislation.

The governor dedicated the memorial to the soldiers who died in the war.

The governor kicked off his election campaign with a promise to lower taxes.

The governor has announced his intention to resign before the next election.

The governor has vocalized his support for an increase to the health budget.

This public debate is crucial for the governor if he hopes to win re-election.

The governor has announced that he will retire before the forthcoming election.

I hear the governor’s been getting money under the table from tobacco companies.

The governor vigorously denied any previous knowledge of the corruption scandal.

The governor wants to put restraints on public service workers’ right to strike.

A popular local businessman is being hyped as a possible candidate for governor.

In 1921, the people of the state of North Dakota voted to recall their governor.

Government officials expect the governor to make an announcement this afternoon.

The crowd hurled insults at the governor as he came out of the convention center.

The governor has promised to cut taxes in an attempt to revive the ailing economy.

The governor announced an additional levy on gasoline to pay for road maintenance.

There is a growing movement to try to draft the popular mayor to run for governor.

The governor is fighting for his political life as a result of the recent scandal.

The mayor has been encouraged to join the slate of candidates running for governor.

The governor thrust his way into the crowd of supporters, smiling and shaking hands.

The governor has been slated for failing to bring the state’s economy under control.

Our governor is a proponent of the thesis that cutting taxes will stimulate business.

Nothing less than the governor’s reputation is at stake in this latest investigation.

The Prime Minister will appoint the new governor-general in the next couple of weeks.

The governor has been keeping a low profile during the investigation into the scandal.

The governor has offered his sympathy to the parents of the children lost in the fire.

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