lunch cümle içinde kullan

We’ve arranged to meet the Bannerjis for lunch on Tuesday.

There will be an assembly in the gym for all students immediately after lunch.

Brian has gone to lunch with some of his associates from the law firm.

Your father is going to pick up some croissants at the bakery for lunch.

We put our blanket on the grass, and sat down to have lunch.

The boss blasted him for getting drunk at lunch.

The children bolted their lunches and then ran outside to play.

The lunchroom was buzzing with the news of the possible teachers’ strike.

They chatted about their work and families over lunch.

We bought some fish and chips for lunch and took them to the park to eat.

Things were really crazy at work today. It was so busy that I didn’t even have time to stop for lunch.

Our French professor took the entire class to lunch at the faculty club.

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